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Name the t-shirt
In the books, Amalia and her friends wear custom tee's that say something zippy about the funny wines that the bistro serves, such as "Do you think I'm Sexy?" Sexy being a wine of course!  And Matt sure did think Amalia was sexy in it...
Can you come up with a t-shirt idea for the next book based on the name of a wine? If so I'd love to hear from you- let me know via the "contact" section below and even if you can't come up with a t-shirt slogan but come across a wine with a funny name, please share. It might end up in the next book.
Name that kill!
Do you have a great  idea for the next "kill" and want to share? Let me know and maybe I can work it into a future book.  Thanks to Anik Cyr, who's idea ended up sparking another idea which I used in Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar.
Interested in a booking?
Bistros, deli's, cheese shops, wine shops, bookstores, libraries.....
If you're interested in booking me for any promotions, please message me below or via facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you!
If your ideas are used in future novels, your name will be mentioned on my website (with your permission) and I'll be sure to send you a Whine & Cheese Bookmark or whatever else might be in my goodie bag. My good friend Sue Gill has created some beauties for me already, such as this adorable necklace with a pewter pendant, or these cute little wine glass charms, just to name a few. She's still working on charm bracelets and next time around, I'll be adding some pictures of the great key-chains she's also made. Stay tuned! 
Thank you for your support and feel free to contact me!  
E-mail: whineandcheesemystery@gmail.com
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