About The Author
By day, I battled the complex world of managing a health and dental claims department, following rules and policies and being kind, diplomatic, empathetic and efficient.

 My alter ego emerged on weekends as I typed furiuosly and schemed how best to kill people-in my manuscript, of course.  Finally having found an outlet for my off the wall sense of humour, The Whine and Cheese Bistro mystery series was born. What better way to combine all my real-life passions for murder mysteries, wine, cheese, salamis and breads?  

Now retired, I am free to let my imagination wander and dream up new mysteries. Stay tuned for new works in progress.

The Whine & Cheese Bistro Mystery Series
This cozy mystery is set in the fictional town of Robin, tucked away in a far corner of Ottawa, Ontario. Our heroine, thirty year old Amalia Kis, opens the Whine and Cheese bistro which serves mouth watering cheeses, salamis and wines with funny names (a Broke Ass or a glass of red Back Stabbing Bitch anyone?)  A side dish of murder is always served up cold. Pour yourself a glass of something wet and spend a bit of time at the Whine. Check out the Pre-View page for a little taste or visit the links below.
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 Articles and recipes from the book also available on the open-bks.com website

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