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In December of 2013, after finishing my last insurance course to achieve my certified employee benefits specialist designation, I sat around and thought "Huh. What now?" I hemmed and hawed a while, kicked some ideas around, starting feeling a tingle of inspiration...motivation....possibly gas...then announced to my then  husband that I was going to write a book.
me, excited: "honey...I'm going to write a book!".
hubby: "Okay."
me: "No, really. And it's going to be a series."
hubby: blank stare (the marriage has since disolved)
Well, I did it. I finished writing the first manuscript about four months later and my good friend and co-worker, Cassandra Ritchie, was my first guinea pig.  While amazed that I was actually able to crank out a novel, she kindly pointed out all of my typos (there were many) and some loose ends and I went back to the drawing board. A couple of weeks later, all was fixed and I excitedly sent it off to publishers and literary agents alike.  The first publisher I sent it to was one of the largest publishing houses in NYC.  I am ambitious- I started right at the top. Or perhaps foolish is a better word?
To my surprise, they responded almost immediately and made some recommendations after reading the manuscript, such as incorporating the name of cheeses and wines into the title of each book and to elaborate more on both topics in the books themselves. I never heard from them again and went on to face a number of rejections over the next year of my life. Luckily, I don't offend easily.
So I did what every author does and rewrote, rewrote, rewrote. With each rewrite, the manuscript became more polished, without losing my personality, and the series became what it is today.  Asiago and The Accomplice and Ice Whine and Irish Cheddar are both complete and Feta and The Fat Bastard is under way.
Welcome to the Whine & Cheese Bistro. 
Now , I must pour myself a glass... why don't you join me?
Cheers my friends, 
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